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December, 2011

Happy Holidays All,

I have a sign in my bathroom (the best place to contemplate) that says, “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and proclaiming, “’WOW, what a ride!!!”’

Yup, with all of the changes in 2011 we needed to have a plan, an intention to stay the course of our soul journey and our life as human. Some days were easier than others. 2012 is upon us! Gad, who knows what that will bring! When talking to my friends who are astrologers, numerologists, Mayan healers, psychics, astronomers and scientists it is a time of change. Even the sun is getting into the act with the climax of her eleven year cycle.

The best way to handle change is to plan for it, not so much in terms of material things but qualities of attitudes, intentions, focuses. Mine, for 2012, is the focus and intention of exercise and physical wellbeing. I HATE exercise, however it is time to bite the bullet and do it anyway in an organized, intentioned way. Your support is greatly appreciated. Hold the intention of seeing, hearing, feeling me enjoying exercising and physical well-being. I need all the help I can muster. I would rather read a book or even wade with the Sharks at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

One of my clients who got sick every year made the commitment and intention to be adjusted at least once a month. Over the past years of holding that commitment and intention she has not been sick. Crisis and tough challenges have been handled with ease and grace. I invite you to make the same kind of commitment with your health and well-being. It is so easy for us to let go of the commitment in the lulls between the exigencies.

Energy changes are like storms on the sea and we are in a boat. (Personally I like to think of them as grade 5 rapids on the Kern River.) We are too busy holding the course, trying to keep top side up when in the rapids. It is during the lulls that we are able to put things aright. The time to get care is during the lulls as well as during the standup rapids of life. To encourage the one-a-month protocol I give a price break to the first 10 persons who ‘reserve’ the right by January 7, 2012.

This is the first year in the past 20 that a newsletter didn’t go out every month. I don’t have any excuse for that. It was a tough year watching family and friends go through cancer, strokes, and broken hearts. I think I should have a certain positive mind set in writing the newsletters. I couldn’t get there much this year. It is my intention to stay the course in 2012. Thank you all for your support and your referrals.

What I did do was teach an extremity (arms and legs) adjusting course to some dynamic students from Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier. It is fun passing on what I know. A mentor told me that my only purpose for being human was to teach my experience and Knowing and to learn to have unconditional love for myself. The first part is very easy. The second, not so much.

I also spoke to the World Congress of Women Chiropractors. I had forgotten that Drs. Jimmy Parker, Lynn Stamphes and I dreamed up this organization in the 80’s to promote Women in Chiropractic as speakers and teachers. 

The toughest assignment this year was working with Post Traumatic Syndrome in family, friends, clients related to the Seal Beach salon shooting. Years of training of working with PTSD in combat vets, war trauma, 9/11 trauma puts me in a position to help. If you know of persons suffering from any of these please talk to me. There is help.

Many of you know that I am a shark wader at the Aquarium of the Pacific where I volunteer as a teacher. I have recently been “promoted” to help teach Aquarium 101 to the new volunteers. We have nearly 900 volunteers. Should you have extra time on your hands there is a place at AoP for you to use your skills or learn new ones. I did’nt know the difference between a halibut and a herring when I started. You can Google my favorite critters of the moment: Mantis Shrimp, Sea Apple and Sea Moth. Of course Sharks, with the reputation of the Bad Boys of the sea, are my favorite.

Of course I am always taking seminars and incorporating the protocols into my healing work. This year was about energy healing. It pushes the edges of my science mind however, I like the results and so do you.

Be very weary of some of the crazy, insane health fades circulating out there. If in question e-mail me at It is best to eat fresh, unprocessed foods, drink a quart of good water per every 50 lbs, walk at least, 30 minutes a day, sleep 8-9 hours in a dark room without TV or other electronic stuff, cancel watch the nightly news. There is nothing you need to know before bed time. Spend 10-15 minutes or more contemplating, meditating, and breathing in a quiet mind.

As always I am honored by the trust you give me with your Selves, family and friends. Thank you for your referrals. I look forward to “doing 2012” with you.

The disclaimer says I have to tell you that the information in the newsletter is for information only. Each person needs a personal assessment for recommendations for care.

You can call 562-433-7395 for care. Please do forward this newsletter to others, please leave it intact. You can learn more at

Many blessings for your holiday season
Khelly Webb, DC, CCSP, FIACA, CNET, CSMD, CVCP, etc. etc. and all that other stuff

Many blessings
Khelly Webb, DC, CCSP, FIACA, CNET, CSMD, etc. etc.