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Top Mast Head
July, 2007

Greeting and many blessings for a Happy July 4th celebration and relaxing summer.

The next OPEN DOOR is June 16 10-1.


This is for established clients. Shoes go into the shoe basket, take off your trinkets, write out your pink slip and have your $45 cash or check fee ready for the Purple Kitty. New clients can call 800-710-3450 for a new patient exam to qualify for the fast rack'em crack'em head to toe, toe to head, feel good balancing of the mind, body, emotions and maybe even the soul at OPEN-DOOR.

One hour appointments are available on SUNDAY, July 1. Call the gang at 800-710-3450. I am on jury duty from July 2. I will be flying to Montana for my mom's, brother's and uncle's birthday on July 6, back to  work on July 10. My mom has had some strokes so your prayers are appreciated. Include my dad as he is the care giver and has done a stellar job.

The following are OPEN DOOR dates. All will be 10-1 and on Saturdays:
June 30
July 21
Aug. 4
Sept 1 and 22
The following are Sunday hour appointments:
July 1
Aug 5
Sept 2 and 23


IThe mystics are saying that June and July are challenging energy times. If your life seems to be a bit crazed I suggest that you clean out the piles, cupboard, closets, garage, files for stuff you don't need, haven't used and probably won't ever use again. This is a time to redo, reorganize, rethink, re-write, re-commit re-paint, and re-decorate. I am pretending that if I had to move overseas (don't worry I am not doing that) what would I take, what would I put in storage?  There are several shelters for battered women and families in the area that can use your extra cooking equipment, towels, sheets, toys, clothes.

The heat is on─well, it is after the marine layer burns off. This is a time to re-assess your water needs. You should be using about a quart of water for every 50 pounds of weight every day. If you are a heavy sweater then add a bit extra. Water cleans, cools energizes and protests the body. The leading cause of death in children and seniors is dehydration. While I am on the subject of kids NEVER LEAVE A CHILD OR AN ANIMAL IN THE CAR WHILE YOU RUN A QUICK TRIP. NEVER, EVER! NEVER!!!


Water is water, in Long Beach area the water is even good out of the tap. Designer water with flavors and whatever crap they put in it is NOT water. Water is clear, tasteless, boring; however it is second most important life force for the body after air and before food and rest.


I reported last month that I am experiencing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy from my colleague Rochelle Neally. So far I can say the headaches are GONE!!! Hallelujah! The fibromyalgia, fatigue and joint pain seems to be going away after it got worse for a few days. It is easier to move hough I don't let it get to me because I have lived it forever, the depression seems to have less impact, even on cloudy, overcast days. Google HBOT and check out Dr. Neally at 562-987-5507. The other thing I have learned, after talking to the parents of special needs children, is HBOT seems to help in ADHD, ADA and autism, CP, MS, Asthma. Give them a call.







You can access the achieves, technique information and our calendar and other useful info at www.centerforhealinglife.com. This web site is by Marty and Ray Bunch who are true masters. If you like their stuff let them know. Should you want to E-mail Dr. Webb the address is Khelly@centerforhalinglife.com. Should you have some ideas for topics let us know. The info here is meant to educate and inform it is not a diagnosis for treatment. Should you need a diagnosis call the gang at 800-710-3450 for an exam. Every person is different and each should have a personalized exam for care.

Many blessings

Khelly Webb, DC, CCSP, FIACA, CVCP, CNET, CSMD, Upledger CranioSacral, Etc., Etc.,

The information above is for information only and not meant as diagnosis or treatment. That is accomplished only thru an exam and through history for each individual. Offices located at 3450 E. Spring St. Ste 102, Long Beach, CA. 90806, Scheduling is at 800-710-3450

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