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Like dreaming, reading performs the prodigious task of carrying us
off to other worlds. But reading is not dreaming because books, unlike dreams, are subject to
our will: they envelop us in alternative realities only because we give them explicit permission to do so.
Books are the dreams we would most like to have, and, like dreams, they have the power
to change consciousness, turning sadness to laughter and anxious introspection
to the relaxed contemplation of some other time and place.
—Victor Null, South African educator, psychologist.


The fires have started burning so protect your lungs from the poison oak by drinking a quart of water for every 50 pounds of weight. You can use allergy release products like allerplex or some of the homeopathic products for allergies. Your body is trying to protect you by giving you a runny/stuffy nose. Thank your body for its wisdom. If you can see, smell, taste the smoke exercise inside.

Need to cool down? Ice the bottoms of your feet, armpits, or head for 15 minutes at a time. Drink room-temp water which will cool you down. The body has to heat up to heat up cold drinks. It has to cool down to cool down hot drinks. Go figure. The body is so very wise in spite of what we do to it.

Not sleeping? Using caffeine? Cut it out and you will begin to sleep better, have fewer heart palpitations, feel calmer, and have fewer panic attacks. Sugar and alcohol will also interfere with sleep. Need help, call me.

DO NOT, I repeat do not use Paxil or other SSRIs if you are pregnant. DO NOT microwave in anything other than microwave proof glass. DO NOT use recycled paper towels in the microwave because they may contain metal from staples and metallic ink and can ignite. Who would have guessed?

It is important to use whole, fresh foods to increase your immunity. Getting your body balanced/adjusted increases your immunity by 10 times according to a British AIDS study. Drinking your minimum daily requirement of water (1qt/50 pounds) will increase your immunity. Sleeping 8+ hours nightly will increase your immunity. Reading inspiring literature will increase your immunity. Walking 30 minutes/day will increase you immunity. Watch only inspiring TV/movies to increase your immunity. Pray to increase your immunity

Want to do something serious to change the way you live your life? Afraid? Of course you are. Humans hate change.

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Many Blessings

This reading list contains titles of books that have served my serenity, growth, and curiosity. They have been comforting and illuminating companions traveling with me on my spiritual and personal path.

Heal Your Body by Louise Hay and anything else by her and Hay House publications
Heart Steps Prayers and Declarations for a Creative Life and Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
Your Needs Met by Jack and Cornelia Addington
Spiritually Healing the Indigo Children by Wayne Dosck, Ph.D, Ellen Dosick, MSW
Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping, Author of seminar Radical Forgiveness.
Healing Secrets of the Ages by Catherine Ponder and any of her other books
The Grief Recovery Handbook by John James and Russell Reiedman
Surviving the Loss of a Love by Colgrove, Blooomfield and Mc Williams
Lost My Partner-What'll I Do? by Laurie Spector and Ruth Spector Webster
Edu-K for Kids by paul and Gail Dennison
Babies Remember Birth by David Chamberlain, Ph.D.
The Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Thomas Verny, M.D. and John Kelly
The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason, and the Human Brain by Antonio Demasio
Light His Fire & Light Her Fire by Ellen Kreidman and check out 10 Second Kiss
He's Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo
Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
How to Meditate by Ram Das
Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix Ph.D.
It Will Never Happen to Me Children of Alcoholics Claudia Black Ph.D.
The Family Health Guide to Homeopathy by Dr. Barry Rose
Nutrition Almanac by Nutrition Search Inc.
Chicken Soup for the Soul by Canfield and Hansen
Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-6) by J.K. Rowling
This Thing Called Life by Ernest Holmes and his Science of Mind
What is Lightbody? by Tashira Tachi-ren
M.A.P. meditation for healing by Michelle Small Wright
Any of the Edgar Cayce books Edgar Cayce on the Power of Color, Stones, and Crystals
The 12th Planet (The Earth Chronicles, Book 1) and the other 6 books by Zechariah Sitchin
The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Reader's Edition) by Manly P. Hall and his other works
What the Bleep Do We Know!? The Movie
Puppet or Puppeteer by Dr. Nell Rogers
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