While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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April, 2008 Vol 4


Only established clients, including children. New people or clients with new injuries please call 800-710-3450 for an appointment for care. No appointments are necessary for OPEN DOOR Adjustments- just show up during the specified times. It is first come, first serve- head to toe adjustments or toe to head. No nutrition, no emotional work. Just rack’em and crack’em fast and feelin’ good adjustments! Activator too. Payment is $75 to $50 cash or check per person. No billing, no discounts, no insurance, no reports, just plain old chiropractic adjusting! Place your shoes in the shoe basket, clean out your pockets, take off jewelry and fill out the pink sheet which you will hand to the doctor when it is your turn. Please have your cash or check fee ready for the Purple Kitty and be ready for your feelin’, good life supporting adjustments. OPEN DOOR adjustments take 3 to 6 minutes. Tell your family, friends and enemies about Center for Healing Life. Thank you for the referrals.

OPENDOOR dates are March 29, April 12, May 10 and 24, June 14 and July 12

Sunday one hour appointments are March 30, April 13, May 11 and 25, June 15, July. Please call the scheduling gang at 800-710-3450 to make your appointments or Sundays and the usual Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. You can go to www.centerforhealinglife.com or more information on schedules, techniques, self help information and activities.

Congratulations to all of you who have been given awards for your work, creativity, and services. Because of state and national privacy codes, I can't list your names. Know that I am proud of you and happy that whatever we do at Center of Healing Life assisted you in being a most outstanding person. I get an award of sorts, too. This is the 20 year anniversary for the NeuroEmotional Technique. I was the first president of the ONE Foundation which is the research support arm of NET. A dozen or so protocol papers have been published by NET/ONE. I have been asked to write another one on the impact of fairy tales and nursery rhymes on emotional development and body physiology. Which fairy tale sticks in your mind and why?

If you would be interested in being a volunteer reporter of rain, hail, and snow to the National Weather Service and the NOAA thru a group called the Cocorahs go to www.cocorahs.org . 29 States are currently enrolled. Since moisture falls so unevenly, the ideal report is from many within a State at or near the same time. You'll find a round link in the upper right corner to join; also there is a link to online tutorials. My father has been a member of Cocorahs since May of 2007. He says, "the 4" rain gauge they use is super deluxe (mine was shipped to me free of charge)--while you're online click Montana, Lake County is shaped like a thumb tack, my station is the one in the middle of the head of the tack called MT-LK-3 `/:-})~"

According to the National Center for Health Statistics coughs are the number one reason a person goes to a doctor, then throat problems, skin rashes, vision dysfunction, knee problems, back conditions, stomach problems, ear ache or infections and depression. It is interesting to note that techniques used at Center for Healing Life addresses every one of these. In fact well adjusted persons have 10 times immune strength of the average person and don't get most of these problemsGive us a try by calling 800-710-3450.
The biggest side affect of being well adjusted is you won't have sickness as an excuse to get out of some activity.

I have been sharing my adventure with Chi-lel Qigong for a few months now. I am SO amazed at the results I am seeing in me and my clients. Check it out for yourself at www.chilel.com. I am using the 101 Miracles of Natural Healing DVD. It is very well done and super easy to follow. As Master Fran Chan says, "Just do it!"

My other favorite treat at this time is the PAX Programs Understand Med series at www.UnderstandMen.com. Should you go to one of their programs give them my name and number 262106 then tell me and you will get a treat from me.

It has been one year since the fire in my condo building. Some of us are going to celebrate getting thru a very trying time by going out to dinner. All, but 2 families are back in their homes. Thank you for all of the support, prayers, help and gifts that supported us through the months of uncertainty.

Thank you for all of your referrals. You are the best! I greatly appreciate your intention to master life and its many adventures. We have enormously complex energy changes going on these weeks and months. Life might feel like more than a roller coaster. The way to get thru it is to stay focused on your intention for your future. Mine is ease and grace, love and peace, harmony and empowerment and everywhere I go, healing occurs whether I am aware of it or not, healing occurs. Another one you can use is "I am safe, only right action takes place in my life." I am using the qigong to master and direct the new energies.

Many Blessings to you all.
Khelly Webb

You can access the achieves, technique information and our calendar and other useful info at www.centerforhealinglife.com. This web site is by Marty and Ray Bunch who are true masters. If you like their stuff let them know at www.martybunch.com. Should you want to E-mail Dr. Webb the address is Khelly@centerforhealinglife.com  . Should you have some ideas for topics let us know. The info here is meant to educate and inform it is not a diagnosis for treatment. Should you need a diagnosis call the gang at 800-710-3450 for an exam. Every person is different and each should have a personalized exam for care.


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Many blessings
Khelly Webb, DC, CCSP, FIACA, CNET, CVCP, CSMD, Upledger Cranio Sacral, Retained Primitive Reflexes Technician.

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