While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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April / May, 2010

New phone number for scheduling effective immediately 562 433-7395. Leave your name, phone number, and the best time to return your call. If you have a preferred appointment time let me know. I usually take Tuesday and Wednesday off. Repeat your phone number slowly and twice. 

Spring Adjustment Sale!

Spring Adjustment Sale! On one hour appointments-be ready for summer. When you call for your appointment ask about 24% off the normal sliding scale.

RED BULL sees RED in your body
This is from SNOPES

“The beverage was first concocted in Austria in 1987, and is marketed as an energy drink that "improves muscle tone," "increases endurance 25 percent" and "invigorates mind and body." Whatever wildly optimistic health benefits it lays claim to, the drink's current appeal among young people stems from its rumored legendary energy boosting properties, which it gets from its high caffeine content. The caffeine in one can of Red Bull (80 mg) equals that of one cup of black coffee (which varies in caffeine content from 80 to 180 mg depending on how it is prepared). The drink also contains taurine, a derivative of the sulphur-containing amino acid, cysteine. Taurine is often found as an ingredient in infant milk formulas.

Criticisms of the beverage primarily have to do with the amount of caffeine (equivalent to that found in a typical cup of coffee) and sugar (about 5 teaspoons per 250 ml can) contained in the brew. Caffeine is deadly when ingested in a massive dose, but the amount estimated to prove fatal is ten grams, which would require 125 cans of the drink. Disregarding the marketing hype, sugar is no better at giving energy than any other food or drink. The best fluids for rehydration contain just a pinch of salt and sugar, which makes Red Bull a highly unusual sports drink.” 

Caffeine does rev the adrenal glands which help you handle stress. Revved adrenals cause sleeplessness, anxiety, jittery nerves, heart palpitations, shaky hands.

If you need a pick-me-up try a cup of warm apple cider. Sugar and caffeine are dehydrators- in other words they cause the body to lose water. That is not a good idea for your brain and other body parts. If your energy is low and you tend to be hungry, chances are you are dehydrated. Drink about a quart of water for every 50 pounds daily and you should feel better within a few days, drop a few pounds and sleep better.

All the Scoop on Plastic

Think about it. Go to http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/latest/bisphenol-a-47091707 to check out plastics.

The Center for Healing Life

Dr. Khelly WebbPeople ask me what can I help with or improve upon. If you are alive and committed to improvement in your whole life then it can happen . . . unless you have been dead more than 3 days! The Center for Healing Life provides resources for healing bodies, minds and souls thru the gentleness of energy thereby restoring ease, grace, courage, and the reconciliation of your relationship with your Self and others.

Thank you so much for trusting me with your family and friends. I love meeting them and seeing them grow into their health and potential. Happy Spring and many blessings

Khelly Webb
Center For Healing Life.com
Long Beach, CA
Health is a Gift of love to your Self, Be well adjusted.

We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.  It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Palmer

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