While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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December, 2009



Dear and wonderful clients, friends, business associates,

The Center for Healing Life is moving! It is challenging to believe that I have been at my lovely garden office for 6 years. I sometimes wonder at the dichotomy of CHANGE. As humans we are changing every second; adapting our blood pressure, temperature, eye sight and millions of other neurological demands, yet CHANGE is the most difficult emotional adaptation we have to make. Our human mind doesn’t like CHANGE. We naturally want to look behind us to what was and not in front of us to what is possible. CHANGE is fun, exciting, adventurous, scary, necessary, altering, different, variation, balance, possibilities, improvements, modification, innovation shift, variety, revolution, transmutation, transformation, metamorphosis, diversify, tack, transfiguration. . . you get the idea.

Only the address is changing. You will still get the great and informative care for the body, mind, spirit, emotions and soul at all levels of time and space. You will still be calling the gang at 800-710-3450 to schedule appointments. My personal office phone is 562-619-4564 for emergency actions. You can still find me at www.centerforhealinglife.com. The newsletters will still be sent. Records are at the new address.

As of January 3 the new address is 2999 E. Ocean Blvd. #1530, Long Beach, Ca 90803. It is the Galaxy Tower, a bright turquoise blue building between Orizaba and Temple Streets.

By making this change I will be freed up to write that book(s) that so many of you see me doing. Maybe they will be real paper books or computer books, or even Kindle Books. The change will dictate that. I will be expanding my work to include consultations about health choices and working with catastrophic diagnosis. WHAT do you do when told you have cancer, terminal heart disease or other diagnosis of which you have never heard or can pronounce? How do you handle the emotions for yourself and your family. I will be certified in hypnosis sometime this year. I may even go back to teaching the years of knowledge I have as a nutrition consultant. Treatments for fears and phobias, allergies, body afflictions, breathing issues, sports injuries, metaphysical energy changes, detox and balancing programs and everything else I have done will continue. If you don’t know what else I do consult the web site or ask.

What will CHANGE is no more OPENDOORS, no credit card service, insurance or superbills at this time. No more office animal visits. However the Animal Health Parties for you, your friends and pets are still available, as is Dr. Webb’s Magic Body Show and classes.


Galaxy Tower
2999 E. Ocean Blvd. #1530, LB, 90803
You will love the views!


Please print a copy of this missive for future visits to the office. Stating JANUARY 3, 2010 the office will be at the above address. Click here for a printable copy of this message.

Parking is on Orizaba, Ocean, 1st Street or Temple. Do note the parking signs. This is a lovely and safe neighborhood in which to walk.

This is a security building and you will need to know a few things for your arrival. It will be easier after the 1st visit

  1. Read the phone instructions.
  2. My security code is listed under Webb k.
  3. Security code is 161. I will answer, wait until you hear door click.
  4. After I buzz you in, come to the 15 floor, turn right and go to red door with #1530.

Take a seat in the public space and I will be with you momentarily.
Direct contact to me is at 562-619-4564

To make an appointment call 800-710-3450. The PCC staff will assist you with hour and half hour appointments. Cash is preferred. Credit card service is discontinued as of December 24th.

OPENDOOR visits have been discontinued as of December 23.

Should you have fears/phobias of heights or cats I will treat you for these with the Emotional Release techniques. Should you have allergies to cats I will treat you for these with the wonderful TBM Techniques at no cost to you.

For more information you can go to www.centerforhealinglife.com

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