While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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February, 2008 Vol 2


OPEN DOOR Saturday dates are the following:
February 23, 10-1
March 8, 10-1
March 29, 10-1
April 12, 10-1 
May 10, 10-1
A reminder. . .
Only established clients, including children. New people or clients with new injuries please call 800-710-3450 for an appointment for care. No appointments are necessary for OPEN DOOR Adjustments- just show up during the specified times. It is first come, first serve- head to toe adjustments or toe to head. No nutrition, no emotional work. Just rack’em and crack’em fast and feelin’ good adjustments! Activator too. Payment is $75 to $50 cash or check per person. No billing, no discounts, no insurance, no reports, just plain old chiropractic adjusting! Place your shoes in the shoe basket, clean out your pockets, take off jewelry and fill out the pink sheet which you will hand to the doctor when it is your turn.

OPEN DOOR adjustments take 3 to 6 minutes. I can move faster but I want my hugs! Please have your pink sheet and check or cash fee ready for the Purple Kitty and be ready for your feelin’, good life supporting adjustments. Tell your family, friends and enemies about Center for Healing Life. Thank you for the referrals.

New E-mail address  Khelly@centerforhealinglife.com 

The lasportand spine @yahoo.com is no longer any good.


Allergy Season
We are starting off a great allergy season. That drenching rain is growing beautiful flowers which produce pollen, mosses and fungi which produce sniffly spores to tickle the nose. The winds are blowing it all around along with the dust and ash. There are a number of products available to help you out. Many of you know Standard Process's Allerplex, Congaplex and Parotid from Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy, 310-396-1131. Drinking a quart of water for every 50 pounds will help. Get adjusted, use your sinus acupuncture points www.acupressure.com/articles/coldflu.htm Walk up a hill and breathe hard.

Pets will be shedding their winter coats which will also tickle our sinuses. My friend, Barbara, at Mar Mel Inn tells me there are products and special blends of Omega 3 to help control shedding.  Check it out with your vet or pet store.

Want to exercise but don't want to put in more than 15-20 minutes a day?
Chi-lel qigong is a form of exercise that once you learn the process will enhance your body, improve your mind, increase your immune system. Hmmm sounds like Chiropractic! Qigong has been used for thousands of years to help maintain youth and vigor. They say if you do it consistently daily for 101 days it will change your life. I am on day 21 and am amazed by the muscle tone and energy.   I am looking forward to the 101st day.  www.chilel.com for the DVD. Master Luke Chan will be teaching a medical Qigong seminar in Long Beach in March. I will incorporate the info into my practice.


In the News
Should you be traveling and have concern for motion sickness eat ginger, ginger tea or get the ginger in capsules. Ginger protects the digestive system from tourista bugs, calms the tummy from motion, quiets vertigo, dizzy and is a great all round travel companion.

It is said that 85% of Americans are wearing the wrong sized shoe. Shoe size should be measured while standing every time you purchase a new pair of shoes. Our feet widen and lengthen as we age. Wrong sized shoes can and do cause foot, leg, knee, hip and low back pain. Ask to have your shoes checked the next time you are in.

Get this horror! 40% of Americans are predicted to be on diabetic medications by 2010! Diabetes 2 is totally preventable by you with proper food, weight, diet, exercise. Diabetes is responsible for the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, amputations and heart disease due to illness. You do not want to go there. It is a miserable way to leave earth. Tend to your health now. We have adjustments for sugar metabolism issues and hormone imbalances.

A new trend is rail beds which have the 4 posts with beams above creating a false ceiling or canopy. This type of bed is kind of crazy making according to Feng Shui. The beams interrupt the energy flow, thereby resulting in sleep problems. Bed heads that are against walls containing pipe and electrical are also a problem. Many methods suggest having the head towards the East or North. Caffeine is the leading cause of sleep problems.

Check out the mattress sales if yours is 10+ years old. Skip the pillow top, it bunches with time. The sleep number beds allow for changes in weight, body condition, pain.


Khelly's WebsiteShould you want to know more about the WORK, Go to our web site: www.centerforhealinglife.com. The techniques are described, there is information about OPEN DOOR schedules, Sunday schedules (which are Feb 24, March 30, April13), self-help information and fascinating links. Scheduling for appointments is with the gang at 800-710-3450.

Someone asked me if the WORK is energy healing.Yes! Big time. When you are being balanced it is with the intention that all energy imbalances are being balanced. Some of these processes are felt right away, others take time, some are very noticeable and others subtle. Over 435 points are assessed in the hour sessions. A lot is balanced however it helps to have the materials in the form of proper habits, thought, diet, water, sleep, exercise, attitude, and spirit.  

February 17 was my 33year in Chiropractic! Thank you all for making it quite a fun, interesting, stimulating, improving, educating, dynamic, adventure.  It is such an honor to be of assistance in your lives.

All of the above is for information only. Each of you is an individual and needs to have an individual exam to determine what works for you. Center for Healing Life is located at 3450 E. Spring St. Ste 102 east of Temple and west of Redondo in Long Beach, CA 90806, 800-710-3450.

Khelly Webb, DC, CCSP, FIACA, CNET, CVCP, CSMD, Upledger Cranio Sacral, Retained Primitive Reflexes Technician.

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