While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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February, 2012

Healing Services

Many Blessings for February.  We have an extra day to do more! I would rather see you take the day off and do nothing.

Many of you know of the information in this paragraph; however some have missed the information. Several years ago I gave up the 800 number. My number is now 562-433-7395. There is a wonderful message system for you if I don’t pick up. You can also reach me at khelly@centerforhealinglife.com or go to the website Centerforhealinglife.com and connect with me there.

I am working Thursday, Friday and Monday evenings and usually Saturday and Sunday mornings. You are able to schedule therapeutic hour appointments. I have new client hours open at this time. New clients can go to the web site www.centerforhealinglife.com to read up on what I do. There is also a new client form on the home page.

Just above that is the Wellness Check On-Line. You are welcome to take the free survey, print out the results and I will be happy to interpret them for you. The survey is very helpful in finding hidden issues.

So just what am I doing with you in that therapeutic hour? Since I don’t treat symptoms, I am balancing the body on the premise that a balanced body will heal its self. First, the communication from the body must reach the brain for it to decide what is needed in the way of healing. It is logical to make sure that communication is working at top efficiency. Our body uses sight, sound, taste, smell and touch/feeling to determine challenge.

I check to see if the brain is turned on or is it in a state of fatigue or fugue. Is it able to communicate left to right and right to left? Innate intelligence was rather efficient in brain activity. Here is a wonderful TED talk of what we know currently. http://www.ted.com/talks/iain_mcgilchrist_the_divided_brain.html?utm_source=newsletter_weekly_2011-10-25&utm_campaign=newsletter_weekly&utm_medium=email  Science information doubles about every 18 months so this info will probably change if it hasn’t already.

I check to see if you are able to process the information that you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. They are sort of like computer programs. I am checking for computer communication viruses. It makes sense to check the computer software (brain) and hardware (body). The two areas are not separated from each other however it is traditional in health care to speak of them separately. It is important that the body not be in a state of shock which turns down most functions. There is an adjustment to clear that.

It is important that air is getting into the lungs. Are the ribs torqued elevated or are you stomach breathing? There are no lungs in your tummy. They live in your chest with your heart. The diaphragm muscle determines the ease and grace of breathing. The next stop is to check the guts or viscera. Is your gall bladder working; are the valves of the intestines working? Are the kidneys able to get fluids to the bladder? Is the bladder in the right spot? If not, frequent urination can be a challenge. A misaligned Pubic Symphysis can cause low back pain, leg pain, cramps, sexual pain, difficult pregnancy, bladder and prostrate issues. Better adjust it.

The majority of the 206 bones are in hands to shoulders and feet to hips. Let’s adjust them. All that and that is just the front of the body! We still have to do the back.

We can’t forget to check the syncro-symetric dyskinesia, Jin well points, meridians, chakras, and the many others things routinely checked each healing session.

This is just the chiropractic stuff available. There is also Soul Memory discovery and Emotional Release methods to clear blocks, enhance performance and feel more ease and grace in life. There is exercise and nutritional counseling, Total  Body Modification, Neuro Organization, Contact Reflex Analysis, supplementation, dietary consultations or working with war and life traumatic stress syndrome.  Treat your body well, it is the only one you have. It has to work for 80+ years.

Thank you for your referrals, I am looking forward to seeing you, soon Khelly Webb, DC, CCSP, FIACA, CNET, CSMD, CVCP, etc., etc. www.Centerforhealinglife.com 562-433-7395

Many blessings
Khelly Webb, DC, CCSP, FIACA, CNET, CSMD, etc. etc.

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