While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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January, 2015 Vol-1


Yes, there is a second New Year coming February 19. The majority of the world celebrates the February New Year. Wear red and gold and eat egg rolls! Whichever New Years, many blessings for 2015.

I find it so amazing to think that 2000 was 15 years ago! It seems like yesterday. This is a good time to take a health survey to see where you are and what needs to happen to make life healthier. 

Go to www.Centerforhealinglife.com. On the home page, above the New Patient Intake form, is the Wellness Check Questionnaire.  Click on that and answer the 70 questions.

Then go to the results page to print out your survey.  Green lines are a GO! -indicating good health. Yellow stresses need attention and Red areas really need attention and might explain some health issues you might be having. Do not email the results page to me. For some reason they don’t get to me.

Bring in the results of your survey on your next visit and we can talk about a plan for you to attend to the issue areas.  Interpretation of the survey is normally $35.  During January and February there is no charge for the interpretation.




As many of you know I have been dealing with overwhelming 15-20 grade pain on a 1-10 pain scale. The medical community doesn’t have a clue. I rely on chiropractic, acupuncture and Cranial-Sacral techniques to keep me going.  All of this started after a seminar in San Diego near 5 years ago.

Recently I tried Earthing and it reduced the pain down to a 9 or 10 which is manageable for me.

The idea is to ground the body to the earth. Since I live 15 stories above the ground I don’t get much earthing. I also don’t have the time to sit hours with my bare feet on the grass or earth. The Earthing people figured out a way that we can earth during sleep time.

Go to www.earthing.com and read up on the concept. Check out the videos and YouTube.

I got the starter set with the half sheet and mat. I use the mat under my computer with part of it as a mouse pad. When I started I could type and mouse about 10 minutes before the pain was too much. Two months later I have gone as long as 4-5 hours without pain. Obviously, writing the newsletter was a bit too much there for a while. The pain also curtailed my writing protocol papers, articles and other things I do on the computer. The pain interfered with working on clients. Probably made me more grouchy, too.

I started using the half sheet at my feet for a half hour, increasing by a half hour each night until I can now sleep thru the night. I can’t tell you what a relief it has been. Having the extensive knowledge I have and having tried everything including medical RX (worthless) I was getting very discouraged. The idea of living with that level of pain for the rest of my days was not making for a happy camper. I am now quite hopeful and anxious to get back to a busy practice, learning more and hanging with the sharks at AOP!

By the way I have no business connection with the Earthing people. I am just wanting to share my experience.

I sleep better, have more energy, less depression, more enthusiasm and more ease and grace in my body. I can now walk to my favorite places in the neighborhood. My next adventure is to walk the stairs in the building. I used to run them up and down.



The aquarium of the Pacific is no long recycling batteries, pen and DVD/CDs. So please don’t bring them to me. Thank you so much for the years of collections you have given to me. AOP sold these things to recyclers to help offset the cost of animal food.  It costs about $100,000 a year to feed 6 sea otters! As cute as these critter are, they eat ¼ of their body weight a day!!! Think about this. That is a quarter pounder burger for every pound you weigh every day! An 80 pound male otter eats 20 pounds of food daily! And they are picky eaters. You can adopt an animal thru the AOP Web site to help with their care. www.aquariumofpacific.org/give/adopt_an_animal



I am working Thursday thru Monday including Saturdays and Sundays. The prices are the same, the skills are sharper and more advanced and results are feeling yummy in your body.

New patients can access the new patient intake form at www.centerforhealinglife.com.

Appointments via e-mail or phone 562-433-7394. Thank you for your referrals. I so appreciate your trust to help your family friends and enemies.

Thanks to the beautiful rains we will have a hellacious allergy season, best to start now to prepare for it with adjustments and allergy work.

This newsletter has been sent most months for over 20 years. Sometime I run out of ideas for discussion, if you have ideas please email them to me at khelly@centerforhealinglife.com  

Many blessings,
Khelly Webb DC, CCSP, CVCP, CNET, CSMD, etc. etc.

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