While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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July, 2015 Vol-7


“Breaking up is so hard to do. Don’t take my love from me. Don’t leave me in misery.”  Remember that from Neil Sedaka? Some of us fast danced to that song and then later he re-recorded it slowly. Danny Hathaway’s song was Giving up is so hard to do when you really love something.”

What I am getting at is we are going to have to give up some of our loves and habits in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and yard. Of course I am talking about water. 


Research shows

  • that running a garbage disposal takes more water than it is worth. The food is not ground down enough to make it easy for the sewer company to break it down. It is best to trash it in the garbage can. Yes, I know you will have to empty it more often. Or you could compost it. http://www.howtocompost.org/
  • showering or bathing daily robs hair and skin of much needed natural oils and protection. It is suggested to clean up every third day.
  • You can wash the smelly parts like they used to in the old days with wash cloth and warm water. It is thought that the first Queen Elisabeth maybe had a bath twice a year! The French invented perfume to help in their non-bathing habits. It is said that Marie Antoinette smelled so “good” people perfumed hankies or carried oranges to smell when in her presence. I don’t think we will get that bad!
  • If you have to shower daily, wet down, turn off the water, soap up, and then rinse off. Most people can take a full shower in 3 minutes.
  • Have a bucket or two in the shower with you and catch the “gray water” for plants, garden or flush the toilet. Eeeuww. Yup, people in the central coast area have been flushing their toilets this way for several years due to the draught.
  • If it is yellow let it mellow, if brown flush it down. You have heard that ditty. Great idea.
  • Sewer companies use bacteria and enzymes to break down the stuff. Antibacterial soap is killing off those necessary critters and rendering them useless. That kind of soap, hand liquid also destroys your natural skin bacteria. I never recommend it.
  • Oddly enough swimming pools are not that big of drain on the water demand, especially if you have a cover over them.
  • Car wash: Wet the car down, turn off the water, and use a bucket of water with your cleaning product. Wash sections of the car and hose off.
  • FIX THE LEAKS! Toilet leaks can be found by putting food coloring in the water tank. If there is a leak you will see the colored water in the bowl.
  • Now sure if there is a leak? Call the water department they can determine location of some leaks. Get friendly with your plumber—they smell good these days. I have never known them not to smell good! Have you?
  • Watering the cat and dog ome animals like running water so people let the water run. Not a good idea in a draught. Animals will drink water when thirsty enough. I use a water fountain. Some of you have seen my cats drink from the fountain.
  • Brushing teeth can be done by wetting the brush, turning off the water, brush for 1 minute in each quadrant, rinse.
  • Shaving: Fill the bowl with hot water, turn off water, attack those whiskers and rinse. Or use an electric rechargeable shaver or Epi-Lady.
  • Look into drip irrigation for your garden and yard which can be connected to a gray water tank.

Changes are hard to do. We need to become conscious. My training with NOAA climate programs tell us it will get worse. Let’s be proactive. This should have been written a few years ago. Yes, I can be in denial too. The high tides in front of my home are getting higher. Do share your ideas for water savings with me.


If this or any other stress is getting to you, you might come in for a relaxing balancing of the nervous system. Thanks to several new seminars I have some new fun stuff to play with. Most of it around stress related issues. Chiropractic is not about back aches, though we do a great job with them. It is about balancing the neurological systems of digestion, circulation, emotion, elimination, detox cleaning systems like liver and kidneys, hormones and the many other systems.


Conclusions The small inconsequential benefit seen from interventions that include arthroscopy for the degenerative knee is limited in time and absent at one to two years after surgery. Knee arthroscopy is associated with harms. Taken together, these findings do not support the practice of arthroscopic surgery for middle aged or older patients with knee pain with or without signs of osteoarthritis. BMJ 2015; 350 doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmj.h2747  (Published 16 June 2015) Cite this as: BMJ 2015; 350:h2747  

Leave it to the Brits to figure that out. We have some wonderful knee solutions. Check ’em out.

Go to www.centerforhealiglife.com  and take the wellness check to determine where your stressors are located and then let’s talk.


It is July, it may be hot, hot, hot so 2/3 oz. of water per pound of weight. Sweet drinks and caffeine are dehydrators, not good. Icing down your head, hands and/or feet will keep you cooler. Windows open at nights, closed during the day with the drapes closed too. Stay cool.

Many Blessings for a safe July.  See you soon.

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Khelly Webb, DC, CCSP, FIACA CNET, CSMD, Etc., Etc. 

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