While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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June, 2015 Vol-6


Did you realize that the colors you chose to wear may be an unconscious way of healing your body? Try this. When you awake ask your Self what color it would like to wear. Listen. Wear that color and notice if you feel better. People might acknowledge how good you look even if what you are wearing is grubby but it is the correct color for you that day.

Ask your Self what color of food it would best enjoy for meals, snacks. Eat those colors for the day and notice how you feel.

The Rishis, the wise healers, 5,000-6,000 years ago realized that various body organs of the body enjoyed different colors, foods, and times of day, sounds, and emotions. They noticed that even our finger and toe cuticles, which are called Tsing points, were related to different organ systems and color.

In this day and age of rush, rush and fashions leaning toward black we have lost our sensitivity for what our body would like. Wearing life giving vibrations (color) and eating life giving foods is probably a good idea. Five Thousand years ago foods were fresh, whole, perfect and complete. Not processed, GMOed, or junk foods. Try eating fresh foods-you might like it. Yeah, I know, you have to go shopping more to get fresh foods. Do drink daily 2/3 of an ounce of water per pound of weight.

Five Thousand years ago the colors were derived from nature. Today that system is called 5-elements. Green is wood, the liver, gall bladder (the GB really is green from bile), spring, tears, anger, muscles, tendons, ligaments and chicken, 11pm to 3 am on the anatomical clock.

Red is fire, summer, heat, scorched, blood vessels, emotions, laughter, bitter tastes, heart, hormones, metabolism self-nurturing, small intestine,  lamb 7-11 pm and 11am-3pm.

Yellow, orange, browns are earth colors, stomach and spleen 7am to 11 am, late summer, humidity, sweet, rye, beef, worry, pancreas, disgusted, hopeless, self-esteem, singing.

White, metallic is metal of lung and large intestine, 3am to 7am, nose, smell, skin, thyroid, mucus, grief, weepy, autumn, hot spicy, rice. The meat is horse or rabbit but I don’t think we will be eating that any time soon.

Blue is water, kidney, bladder, ears, hearing, bones, hair, body fluids, edema, fear, groaning, winter, cold, salt, beans and pork. 3pm to 7 pm, headaches.


Each organ and body part has a specific nerve level in the spine. We would adjust the same places for an over active kidney verses an underactive kidney. I prefer to balance the body verses adjust for a symptom a person might be experiencing. Any of a dozen body activities can have the same symptom like a headache. Total balance is best.

You can determine what needs focus by going to www.centerforhealinglife.com and filling out the Wellness Check on the home page. Print out the results page and bring in on the next appointment. In the meantime massage your toe and finger cuticles toward the skin to enhance body balance and health.


Last newsletter I mentioned that I was presenting a protocol paper on the neurophysiology of posture, “Reset Body GPS.” The talk went well, with great feedback. I also met up with colleagues that I had not seen in years! I loved re-meeting them and catching up. Their papers were fascinating. I met new practitioners from around the world. I feel so fortunate to be included in such an august party of healers.

Test you’re your own posture GPS by standing perpendicular/ right angles to a kitchen chair or something you can grab if necessary-or have someone spot you.

Close eyes, extend head back then flex forward to chest, return the head to what you feel is normal posture.  Keep eyes closed!

Keeping the head in that position, eyes closed, stand on one foot, notice what direction you want to fall, notice movement in the standing foot to keep you upright, notice difficulty. Have someone tap both right and left C1 (tight up under ears) for 5-10 seconds. Use hands to gently tap top of hip bones for 30 seconds. Tap bilateral butt joints called the Sacral Iliac for 30 seconds.  (Once your balance is better you can do your own tapping.)

Repeat the above test: head extend/flex with eyes closed, balance on same foot. Notice difference.

Do the same for the other foot.

If you do this daily it will reset Vestibular, Ocular nerves and proprioceptors. Improving your balance just might improve your energy and keep you from falling.

After I presented this at a TBM conference in Vegas, people were noticing how
balanced they were, how much easier it was to move, walk and they had more energy by the end of the week. Try it - you might like it. DO BE CAREFUL! Have someone spot you in the beginning.

Thank you for your referrals and your great stories of your experience with this kind of work! New patients and appointment scheduling is at khelly@centerforhealinglife.com or 562-433-7395

Khelly Webb DC, CCSP, FIACA, Etc., Etc.

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