While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
March, 2006

Any sufficiently advanced technique is indistinguishable from magic!

Isn't that a wonderful quote?

Today I commit to confronting all appearances that result in my being anxious or afraid. As I realize that there is only One Power, God, in the midst of Its creation, I am empowered by faith to know that all is unfolding in the most perfect way. -Rev. Diane Harmony
This is such a good one to remember when life gives us fertilizer!.

OPEN DOOR is this Thursday, March 2, 10-1 and 4-6.
This head to toes and toes to head feel good rack'em and crack’em adjusting is for established clients. NO APPOINTMENT is necessary. Just show up, fill out the pink love sheet, have your $40 cash or check fee  ready for the purple kitty and place your shoes in the shoe basket if you want your feet adjusted--It feeeellllllssss so good!
Future OPEN DOORS are Sat. March, 11, 10-1 and Thur. March 23, 10-1 and 4-6

New clients may call the gang at the scheduling service at 800-710-3450 for a one hour exam appointment. I have new patient hours available so your referrals are appreciated. By the way you do not have to tell your story to the scheduling service. All they need to know is when you want an appointment and for how long: one or more hours. Hour fee is $175.

How about this for a reality check sent by a friend?
How much soda or diet soda do you drink? One can of a carbonated beverage a day will decrease the surface hardness of your teeth by 1/3. People are wearing away their teeth and the proprioceptive reflex through dissolution of their anterior teeth. Look to see if the incisal edges are chipping away. Have you ever had orthodontics or extensive restorative dentistry? Grinding patterns can be hard wired in the CNS (nervous system).  Do you have crepitis or popping in your ears?

Have you ever been in labor? Those lymphokines secreted will cause ligament laxicity. Do you have a limited ability to open the mouth? 40 -50 mm is normal. Dose your jaw deviate upon opening? Are you on an antidepressant medication? Some cause increased bruxism. Do you have a tongue thrust? Look to see if the upper front teeth touch the lower front teeth. What is you molar relationship? Canine? Those are the pointy teeth.  How much caffeine do you ingest? Do you snore? Sleep apnea can cause lack of REM sleep.  Do you dream? Dreaming indicates REM sleep.

Not to mention 13-15 teaspoons of sugar in each can of soda.  Diet soda is worse!
Let's check your jaw joint issues and use CranioSacral Techniques (CST), Emotional Release Techniques (ERT and NET) and others to help resolve the problem.

Study: Angry people more likely to be severely hurt
Link especially clear for men
By Steve Sternberg

A new study suggests that there's truth in the saying “anger is one letter short of danger,” especially for men.  Angry people are more likely to sustain injuries serious enough to require emergency medical care, and the risk is higher for men than women, says lead author Daniel Vinson of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

“Workplace injuries are more likely when one is angry,” Vinson says. Remarkably, he adds, anger was not linked to traffic or fall injuries.  Any woman who is married to a man who owns power tools might say “No kidding” and dispense with the analysis. Multiple studies bolster the notion that anger poses a health risk by showing it can trigger coronary heart disease and heart attacks.  “It seems to be a much bigger problem among younger patients, especially males,” says Carl Lavie, director of preventive cardiology at the Ochsner Clinic Foundation in New Orleans.  The link between anger and injuries has been more tenuous; studies have yielded conflicting results. One study that followed 100 drivers for two weeks linked episodes of anger with “near accidents” but not injuries. Two other studies found that angry people were more likely to have car crashes or sustain football injuries. But studies of injured rugby players and people with hand injuries did not find a link.

Vinson and his team sought to provide a clearer picture by interviewing 2,517 patients in all three emergency rooms in Boone County, Mo., from 1998 to 2000.
The patients were asked about their anger levels before the injury. Their responses were compared with their emotional states 24 hours earlier and with a random sampling of 1,533 uninjured people who were contacted by phone.
The study, which appears in the current Annals of Family Medicine, found that nearly 32% of all the patients reported being irritable just before they were injured, 18% reported being angry and 13% reported being hostile.

Anger and hostility significantly increased a person's odds of being injured, and being hostile increased those odds sixfold. For men, Vinson says, the link was particularly clear.  Women's odds of being injured increased only when they reported being extremely irritable or hostile. No racial differences were found.
Vinson says he can't explain why the link between anger and injury is more evident in men or why anger hasn't been associated with traffic accidents.
“Maybe people control anger better when they're driving than they do in other circumstances: ‘Wait a minute, I could end up with a several- hundred-dollar repair bill.' ”  

Emotional Release Techniques work well on this issue.  So does Soul Memory Discovery (SDM)  Go to www.centerforhealinglife.com for more info.  Most angry people will deny being angry.  Getting them to confront their issues with anger is a challenge.  Often angry people are make-you-wrong types.  If you can't get your angry person into the office for treatment then come in and let’s create wellness and safety for you.

Did you miss me?  I was in Houston, TX for a week helping Dr. Ken Koles teach Acupuncture Application to the CranioSacral Technique for the Upledger Institute.  Combining acupressure with CST makes the above headline quote real. It is so magical and I love working with magic. 

I know my schedule is jammed to the teeth.  If you want to get in, call now for next week.  You can always ask the gals to put you on a waiting list.  Yes, I do charge for missed appointments.  The time could be well used by someone else who is hurting.  Being sick is not an excuse to miss an appointment!!  I AM a doctor you know!!   I get many questions about what I do.  The best way to answer that is to send you to www.centerforhealinglife.com  There is a lot of great info there and the web masters, Marty and Ray did a fantastic job.

I have had the honor of working with many new persons, lately.  I greatly thank those of you who have referred them.  I love meeting new people.  Each client is two people: the sick one and the well-person.  It is sort of a mystery discovering who is under all of the pain of dysfunction.

Thank you and Many Blessings

Bewell Gazette is meant for information only.  Proper exam and diagnosis are required. Call 800-710-3450 to schedule appointments.  The newsletter is produced by the Center for Healing Life, 3450 E. Spring Street, Suite 102, Long Beach, CA 90806.  Dr. Khelly  Webb, DC,(people) CCSP,(Sports) FIACA,(Chinese therapies) CVCP,(animals) CSMD, (soul) CNET, Etc. Do share the newsletter but give credit where due.

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