While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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March, 2011

Good Day Dear friends,

In this news letter:

What to do with these times?
Spores and more equal allergies
Solar impact and other stuff
New energy healing course for me

What to do with these times?

Does it feel to you like the world has consumed some loco weed? Some of you have shared with me that you are feeling confused and helpless, not knowing what to do with all that is happening. 

I want you to hear, know, see, taste and smell that you are not helpless.  You have never been helpless even when it feels like it. What you do have is prayer and intention.  Research shows that focused prayer heals. Intention directs the energies toward your goals. In this case I am using my intention of “Ease and Grace, Love and Peace in my world, in your world and in our world.”

Spend two minutes each day directing your prayers for Divine Right Action, Divine Guidance and express your intentions for want you want in your world which is Ease, Grace, Love and Peace. You are a healer, too. Everywhere you go you have the power to put the people, room, business, office into the Light of Ease, Grace, Love and Peace just by saying  “I put this space, people, situation  into the Light of Ease and Grace, Love and Peace. Thank you with Peace.” Or you can say, “All wound-ness here is now healed by Ease and Grace, Love and Peace. Thank you with Peace.”

Oh, you do not get to complain, bitch, moan, nag, make someone else wrong victimize, or judge. You might turn off the TV, social media, or radio. Listen to it once a day in the morning, if then...  There is nothing on it that you need to know, except the traffic report. The media brainwashing makes you forget your prayers and intentions and sends you into fear and paralysis. You were sent here to learn to love and accept your Amazing Self and to heal your Self and the world around you.

Those of you who have been feeling brain spacey/foggy, dizzy, stuffy sinuses, bloaty, short of breath, dumbed-down, achy, sad, lost, can’t sleep, food doesn’t satisfy, non-motivated, scared, in mourning, agitated and just plain icky there are some answers. It would be a good idea to get your brain and attitude adjustment.  People seem to be having trouble adapting to the great energy shift since Dec. 2010. Call 562-433-7395 for appointment.

Those of you who are Empaths or Sensitives are going to feel it more. It is a good thing that I have been studying solutions for this stuff. I have another energy healing course in March. Healing is now about energy healing. I will still do the old stuff and you can always ask for specific adjustments. The new stuff is out of sight!

In the mean time stop eating the crystal foods with sugar which concentrates the negative energies. Move. Get the body moving to shake out the energy blocks.  Drink. Water, to the tune of a quart for every 50 pounds of weight, dilutes the histamines, which clears the sinuses, helps reduce blood pressure, hydrates the skin and brain brightening both, cleans the colon and kidneys.  Kidneys are about fear, feeling paralyzed. The colon is dogmatically positioned, I.E. stuck, defensive, stuck tears. Some people put weight on their bellies when they feel threatened or unsafe.

Spores and more equal allergies

So what else is in our way? The cold and wet weather left us with mold and other spore producing critters which make the sinuses, lungs and tummy congested. It looks like flu and colds but isn’t. I have some great and wonderful allergy solutions. Blow out your car A/C with the windows and doors open before you get into the car. Turn the vent away from your body.

Solar storms. Yeah! One of my favorite hobbies is space and solar stuff. The media would like you to think that the sun is doing something weird and untoward. No, the sun is doing what she has always done every 11 years or so for billions and billions of years. We are moving into what is called a Solar Maximum. Exciting times ahead until 2013.  Don’t worry about the Pole Shift either. The sun changes polarity and had never flip-flopped. The Earth isn’t going to do that either.

I thought it interesting that when we were in a Solar Minimum, 2 ½ years ago, the economy crashed and many of us had difficult times being motivated, energized. A connection?  Who knows. Every time I have an opportunity, I ask the researchers to include the solar dance impact on humans. The research is starting here and there. I have observed a connection.  I always check for it you each time I have my hands on you.

Why would the sun impact us? We are electro-chemical-magnetic powered beings. Especially our nerves, which connect, conduct, initiate EVERY function in the body. And I mean every function. There is not a single function that does not have neurological communication. Solar storms, Gamma Rays from Super Novas and other space stuff impacts our electro-chemical-magnetic system in sometimes not so subtle ways. I call it the itchy, bitchy syndrome. It can also feel headachy, lethargic, agitated, spacey, pacing dumbed down, annoyed, bitchy, even the skin itches. We refer to it as E-Mag flu.

What can we do about it?  Reread the above. Energy is energy.  Prayer, intention, water, exercise, getting adjusted, meditation, being in water, and non-sugared foods help organize the energy we are receiving. Use your intention to use this new energy to float you along your paths in life.


It is with sadness that I share that Cleveland Chiropractic College of LA is closing.  That school created some very skilled healers. Many of my healer mentors have also passed on in the past months, including my mom. So if I seem sad, I have been.

These are busy and crazy times, let’s be like a ball and bounce out of the negative spaces in which you find your Self. Use the monthly new moon energy to set your intentions for the month and time ahead. Get adjusted. Please send your new client referrals to 562-433-7395 for appointments. I thank each and every one of you for being my teachers, motivators and partners in this venture called life.


Check out the web site at www.centerforhealinglife.com. This information is for information only and is not meant to be diagnostic. Each person needs his/her own specific exam for diagnosis and treatment.  You can get started here: http://wellnesscheckonline.com/check1.php

This is a fun site too. http://www.teachparentstech.org/  for those not-so nerdy- computer people like me!

Many blessings in Ease and Grace, Love and Peace.
See you soon
Khelly Webb D.C.  

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