While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
May, 2006

Hi All,
I have weekend hours May 5 and 6.

OPEN DOOR is Saturday, May 13 10-1 and Saturday, May 27 10-1. This is the traditional rack'em crack'em Chiropractic head to toe, toe to head, feel good adjusting for established clients.   As for OPEN DOOR, no appointment is necessary. When you arrive fill out the pink form, place your shoes in the shoe basket, have your $40 cash or check fee ready for the purple kitty, empty your pockets and be ready for a feel good experience. For those who don't like the rack'em crack'em Ido use other non-force techniques like Activator. Just ask for what you want.  Future OPEN DOORS Saturday, May 27 and Saturday, July 1 10 to1.

If you want to be a client please call 800-710-3450and talk to the scheduling service about an appointment for new exam.

I ask a favor. Please leave your perfumes and other smell 'ems at home.  Thank you.  Also please leave your cell phones and pages in your car or turn them totally off when in the office.  They interfere with the muscle testing process which I use to determine need for treatment.  I am not interested in making a mistake.


My friend and colleague, Lee Gibson, Ph.D. has a wonderful new web site that you can subscribe to.  Each issue has a self care process that you can play with.  Lee is author of the Gibson Method and Focus. You know it as the Bubble when I use it with you.  If you are feeling stuck and out of sorts you might want to consider attending Focus in July.  www.masterpeaceinstitute.com The team, Marty and Ray, who created my site created Lee's site, too.

By the way a lot of people are feeling out of sorts. Maybe it is the run-a-way gas prices but there’re other reasons for the levels of fear, grief confusion you are feeling as well as the aches and pains.  There are a few solutions besides Focus and getting thoroughly adjusted.

Increase water intake to a quart per 50 lbs. of weight. Water reduces depression and sluggish thinking.

Exercise 30 minutes a day to get the blood moving.

Cut out caffeine and sugar "foods" Increase meat protein, fresh veggies, and fresh fruits.

Stop watching the junk on TV.  And no news before bedtime!  It is said that the things you dwell on before sleep fill your dreams.  Who needs to dream about the war, murder, mayhem and gas prices? 

Have compassion and patience with yourself.  If you are mistreating your Self stop it, now.  There are few themes that exist in every religion of the world. One is love yourself as you love a child.

Get out of the house and volunteer.  The national butterfly count is coming up in July.  The beach clean is on. Knit a cap or booties. Build a house with Habitat—they will teach you how.  There has to be something that is interesting to you.

Turn on the lights and bounce light off the ceiling to counteract the overcast skies

Clean out the junk drawer, garage, attic, car trunk.

Move the furniture—get help to do it.

Paint a wall a happy color.

Change your routine.

Go on vacation or schedule a vacation.

Get moving with love and compassion it will help you get out of your frump.

My schedule has been busy so I am suggesting that you call now for appointments for between now and June 6th.  I will be out of the office June 6-29.If you want to be the first on the block to see me after I return from Eastern Europe I suggest you make those appointments soon. Thank you for making my schedule busy.  I appreciate your referrals, too. 

Should you have a true emergency like a brand new injury or trauma do call 800-710-3450 and explain that to the gang.  They can then call me as ask if there is a possibility of getting you in if my schedule is full.

In a recent conversation with a client regarding long-term care costs I realized that we need to seriously look at long term care insurance.  Many of us are single without family to care for us if we become incapacitated and need long term care.  The annual premium for this kind of care is equal to about 1/2 the cost of one month of care!  Shocking isn't it?  Goggle resources or talk to my agent, Gary Pascale at Genworth 800-220-4519 ext 130.

OK, I can feel you wanting to know what I am doing in Eastern Europe.  It is the World Cup in soccer, Mozart’s 250 anniversary and the Vienna Waltz Festival.  Who could resist going?  And friends have made up a delightful trip for us. 

Thank you so very much for the flowers, fruit and other delightful gifts.  I love the new people you have sent me.

Ponder this.  What is it you would truly love to do?  What is your soul's mission here?  What talents, missions and destinies are yours to share?  What can you do to bring enlightenment to your world?  Don't know?  Soul Memory Discovery might help.

Someone traumatizing you once is their fault, your reliving and recriminating them daily for the trauma is your fault.  Use emotional Release Techniques, NET, Focus or Bubble to get over it. and move on with you life.

Happy Mother's day to the Nurturing Mother in each of you. Guys too!

Bewell Gazette is meant for information only.  Proper exam and diagnosis are required. Call 800-710-3450 to schedule appointments.  The newsletter is produced by the Center for Healing Life, 3450 E. Spring Street, Suite 102, Long Beach, CA 90806.  Dr. Khelly  Webb, DC,(people) CCSP,(Sports) FIACA,(Chinese therapies) CVCP,(animals) CSMD, (soul) CNET, Etc. Do share the newsletter but give credit where due.

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