While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
December, 2005

Many blessings for a happy Thanks Giving!

OPENDOOR is Saturday, November 26 10-1. This is rack'em crack'em traditional head to toe, toe to head adjusting for established clients. Please put your shoes in the shoe basket, fill out the pink sheet, empty your pockets and have your $40 cash or check fee ready for the Purple Kitty. New clients can make a new patient one hour appointment by calling my service at 800-710-3450. Thursday, December 8 and Saturday, December 17 are the next OPENDOORS.

I have already heard from many who have difficulty with family at the holidays. If this is true for, you consider an Emotional Release session. ERT and NET have helped many enjoy their families. If you are with your families for Thanksgiving day you will be fresh for the work. Or do preventative work for the December holidays.

The beautiful Santa Ana days are making skin papery dry and noses bleed. It is an indication that one is dehydrated. Drink a quart of water for every 50 pounds per day and you will become properly hydrated. You can also use a small amount of lanolin or Vicks inside the nose and lips. Bag Balm works too however it is for animals. My family has used it for years!

Many are afraid of the flu that the media had been touting. If you are adjusted on a regular basis—1 or 2+ a month—eat well, drink water, walk 30 minutes in a day, cut out the sugar and junk goods, increase the veggies, and get 7-8 hours of sleep nightly your immune system will be about 10 time greater that those who don't take care of themselves according to British research. I also have homeopathic products available for preventative measures however they work well IF you should get the flu. And get adjusted! Research shows that those getting adjusted didn't suffer the flu or small pox epidemics in the past.

Remember if there are fires there is poison oak oil in the air which irritates eyes, skin and lungs. Drink water! Trees off-gas is time of year as they turn to beautiful autumn colors; this is irritating for some of you. Drink water to dilute the histamines.

For those of you who believe that I am no longer adjusting spines, let me assure you I adjust spines every day that I work. I am just doing it in a more intense thorough way. The TBM technique is all adjusting as is the Emotional Release techniques. Upledger Craniosacral work is ultra-gentle manipulation of the spine and head. It is extremely relaxing. Please go to www.centerforhealinglife.com and read up on the techniques. Please do share the site. There is an archive of past newsletters. There is a "Bunch" of amazing pages of info done by Marty and Ray Bunch. You can access them from the site.

A non-chiropractic process that I am doing is Soul Memory Discovery which is working at the soul level with your guides master guides and angles. The first session takes about 2 hours. The feed back has been interesting. We all feel subtle changes in our bodies and the way we handle life. If I had to describe my experience it would be that I am more relaxed about life. More trusting that Innate Intelligence didn't and doesn't make mistakes or junk and It knows what I am doing in term of my mission, talent and destiny even if I don't have a conscious idea of them, yet!

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful people you have sent me this year. I am always humbled by the trust you place in me with your families, friends and fur friends and your Selves. I continue to learn more so I can share more with you. The techniques I have learned this year are amazing and powerful. I am a better doctor because of them. For those of you who thought I would be moving soon. Forget it. It seems my mission is still here in the area. I AM still looking for Mr. Right, too!

Please consider Heferinternational.com and Treepeople, Releaf, or other tree planting organizations for those special gifts.

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