While performing your duty, expect neither approval nor disapproval. Do your work with the utmost love.
This love alone will attract grace, and all that you do will become the
worship of God. You will see you own self in this worship.
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November, 2013 Vol-1



Have you ordered your organic Thanksgiving/Hanukkah turkey yet? It is time! All ready! It is also time to figure out what you plan to do to protect your health in this crazy medical model market where Dr. Peter doesn’t know what Dr. Paul is doing.


In the 80’s, when HIV/AIDS was ravaging the world, British researchers decided to find out what a normal immune system looked like. No one knew in those days or even cared about the thymus except that you had to know of it and its location for the medical boards. The Brits randomly chose people off the street and tested their immune system. The results of which mostly fell into three categories, low, medium and high. However there was a very small group who had super strong immune function. As much as ten times stronger!

Why was that and what were those people doing to have such a powerfully strong immune function? The short answer is that they were getting either osteopathic manipulation or Chiropractic adjustments once or twice a month. Over the years many of my patients/clients have opted to commit to the once/ twice a month care. They are people, like you, who don’t have time to be down and out with some sort the Zupin’s mung. It is better to take a mental health day than a sick day.

Should you be interested in committing to your health and emotional welfare, save your pennies to sign up in November, December or January for the 1 or 2 time adjusting commitment. There is a significant savings for the 12 month commitment. It is far less than a trip to ER or a day in the hospital. Regularly adjusted persons spend less time being sick or being in the hospital or taking RX. Make it your plan, too. Talk to me and I can give you the rules and regulations. Your body will love you for it.


AHHHH sleep! You already know much of what I am going to say here. Lay off the caffeine, take a short walk outside and breathe, hydrate! Hmmm a two edged sword: if you guzzle the water you may have to get up around 4 am, however if you are well hydrated the pain and subconscious pain will be less and the muscles will be more relaxed. Your call. Eat turkey or anything else before 7pm. The body can’t eat and sleep. Wear noise and light canceling equipment. Research is showing that the blue light from iPads, computers, TVs, movies is a strong stimulant. The news adds to unrest and even fear. Try counting the number of dead and dying you see in a single night of viewing. It is startling.


The Sugar holidays are upon us. Many will gain 15 pounds in the next 8 weeks. Have more flu and colds, lowered immunity. A penny used to work for trick or treaters. I hear it is a quarter now. Eating more fresh fruit, veggies, being well hydrated with water will save you a lot of challenges.


The trees are off gassing causing the leaves to turn and the nose and eyes to water. The heavy fog, haze keeps the particulate suspended in the air. Frequently wash you face and exposed skin. Drink about a quart of water for every 50 pounds to dilute the histamines. If you are still having trouble, come in to be adjusted for allergies, sinus conditions. I will throw in brain balancing, organ function and emotional tweaking in the hour session. 562-433-7395


Adjustments are about balancing the mind, body and emotions. It feels good, it releases anxiety, helps you sleep, eliminate, and feel calmer. People say they see better and hear better. It is nice to tune up on a regular basis.


I recently had my Medicare Wellness check. In the several hours under exam I wasn’t touched. I found that strange. There is so much to learn about a person by touching. We live in a society where people seldom touch or are touched. We know from animal studies that we need to be touched and touch. Touch causes one to flourish, relax, heal, and feel secure. I look forward to touching with you!

Many blessings for the holidays, stay conscious while driving, eat well, drink water, go for a walk and be kind to your Self.

I have to say this part. The above is for information only. Each of you deserves a personal conversation about your health and wellbeing. See you soon. Please do share with others the entire newsletter. The information might help someone. Khelly Webb DC 562-433-7395 for appointments

Health is the gift of love you give your Self Center for Healing Life.com 562-433-7395 Long Beach, CA Building Community one person at a time

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