The advice your child rejected is now being given to your grandchild.
—The Best of Bits & Pieces
What I Have Been Doing In the Office All These Years
Many of you have been with me since I started practice in Long Beach in June of 78. You have seen me metamorphose thru the years of training in kinesiology muscle testing, orthopedics bone and joint stuff, nutrition post doc programs, veterinary orthopedic certification (animals need adjusting also), emotional release techniques, Carrick neurology post doc program, brain injury rehab studies, certification in sports injury prevention and management, certification in NeuroEmotional Techniques, Upledger and Bly Craniosacral techniques and the zillion other courses I have taken.

You have followed me thru the USSR, China, Europe and throughout the U.S. as I worked or taught various projects. Then there was the years I served as a state board exam commissioner, was active in the state associations, taught at Parker and was a Parker management mentor for new doctors. You and I helped 13 doctors get thru school by buying their class books.

You have been through office moves, remodels, marriage, step kids, divorce and the big kabash of seeing me go thru brain and spinal cord injury. And then there is the massive knowledge about healing bodies, minds and souls that you have taught me which has been the most valuable.

None of these prepared me for the 11 day intensive to be certified as a Soul Memory Discovery facilitator. I didn't even know why I was in the class. Sitting 8-12 hours for 11 days constantly writing is not my idea of fun. However SMD was fascinating beyond my wildest imagination.

We learned to use methods that heal karmic issues, patterns, creation issues, male-female imbalance, chakra cording, trauma impact, evolution of a person, soul partners and soul mates. We learned soul unification procedures, connection with Masterguides, angels, guides and devas, finding mission and purpose, clearing spaces, shield of balancing colors, understanding relationships and so many other useful, weird, wonderful processes.

SMD sessions usually take 2-3 hours and take HUGE energy. Energy medicine in the new kid on the block and yours truly has the toys to play the big game. These techniques are based on methods used for thousands of years and are described in the Hindu Vedas, Bible, Torah and other Scripture.

Should you be interested in this work E-mail me for scheduling. I need your name and phone and best times to call on the E-mail.

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