A little and a little, collected together, becomes a great deal; the heap in the barn consists of
single grains, and drop and drop makes an inundation.
—Arabian Proverb

Emotions and Health
The human body can be compared to a triangle. Each side of the triangle directly influences the other two sides. We are healthy when our structural (bones, muscles, etc.), biochemical (food, water, air quality, etc.), and emotional aspects are all harmoniously balanced.

In addition to chiropractic and nutritional health care, the Center for Healing Life offers Emotional Release Techniques (E.R.T.). E.R.T. includes NeuroEmotional Technique, NeuroEmotional Anti-sabotage Technique, Next Body, Next Mind, Page Emotions, Gibson Bubble Method, and Best Emotions. E.R.T. addresses the emotional component of health in a safe, effective, physiological way with spinal and meridian adjustments.

It's human nature to have emotional responses to significant events in our lives and then return to our "normal" state of being. However, if our system is vulnerable in any way -- physically, mentally, or spiritually, --sometimes our bodies hold onto a response and "lock it" in our sympathetic nervous system as an emotional complex (E.C.). Once an E.C. is present we will be influenced by it to some degree. When we find ourselves in the same or even remotely similar situation (smell, feeling, sound, vision, taste, tactile feeling) in which the E.C. was originally formed, our physiology puts us right back into our original response.

We can have an E.C. and be completely unaware of it. For example, if a young boy was forced against his will to get an injection in a doctor's office, as an adult he may now feel tense in any doctor's office, without having the slightest idea why.

E.R.T. is a great way to spot E.C.s in your life. Any fear or obstacle you can't logically explain may well be a possible E.C.

How Does E.R.T. Work?
The E.R.T. practitioner uses muscle testing, body reflex points, and physical reactions to memories or words to search for and identify the earliest, original event in which an E.C. was imprinted on your system. This engages a PsychoNeuro Somatic Pattern, much as a computer operator engages a specific program on a computer screen. While you mentally hold the emotional memory, the practitioner adjusts the associated spinal or meridian subluxations. This quickly and simply clears the sabotaging E.C. in much the same way we click the "delete" button on a computer file we no longer want or need.

While the emotions are involved, it is important to remember that E.R.T. is not psychology. It does not involve any type of "talk-it-out" therapy. It is physiological work. It works even if you are a person who cannot consciously remember certain events in your past. E.R.T. does not make claims as to what may have actually happened in the past. Some E.C.s may be associated with imagined emotional events, such as nightmares or misperceptions. E.R.T. practitioners term all events as an "emotional reality," because they may or may not correspond with actual or historical events.

"Psyche and body react sympathetically to each other. A change in the psyche produces a
change in the structure of the body, and conversely, a change in the
structure of the body produces a change in the psyche."

Frequently Asked Questions

Is E.R.T. treatment safe?
Yes. Qualified practitioners correct an E.C. with safe and gentle adjustments of the spine or meridian pulse points. The entire procedure is not unpleasant, and often clients express immediate relief. Once the emotional side of the triangle of health has been strengthened, the client can make enhanced gains in structural and biochemical health. We are happy to work in concert with your other health care professionals.

How do I know if E.R.T. is right for me?
If you are feeling stuck, trapped, or overwhelmed in your life, it is likely that an E.R.T. session will be of benefit. If you find yourself repeating the same unwanted behavioral pattern or are experiencing chronic physical pain despite your best intentions and efforts, chances are these are the result of an E.C. that can be released with E.R.T. This methodology is also highly effective in enhancing performance in sports and work, or improving general quality of life.

What results can I expect from E.R.T.?
Most clients will have an immediate experience of release. This may take the form of tears of relief, laughter, dissolving stomach knots, lightheartedness, or other beneficial manifestations. After your session the sabotaging E.C. now loses its impact and is less likely to be restimulated. When an E.C. is eliminated, the nervous system can work better. It is important to realize that your session doesn't make Iife's problems go away. However, a person with a strong nervous system can usually deal with life's problems more effectively. Some clients feel their issue cleared in one session, while other issues may be multi-faceted and require several sessions to locate and release each facet.

Who Needs an E.R.T. Session?
If despite your best intentions and efforts you are still experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may signal that you may benefit from an E.R.T. session with Dr. Khelly Webb:

  • Feel like you don't belong
  • Unhappy with career
  • Phobias
  • Discomfort when socializing
  • Unable to lose weight
  • Never enough money
  • Frequent depression
  • Chronic physical pain
  • Feel disconnected from God
  • Trouble saving money
  • Anxiety
  • Never have time for yourself
  • Pain of loss of love
  • Grief
  • High stress
  • Inability to relax
  • Learning disabilities
  • Low energy
  • Never advance in career
  • Impatient with others & self
  • Self-hatred
  • Fear of failure
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty making decisions

E.R.T. With Dr. Khelly Webb
Khelly Webb is a doctor of chiropractic who has been offering E.R.T. for over fifteen years. She is considered one of the foremost E.R.T. doctors in the United States, frequently being invited to lecture, consult and write about her work.

An E.R.T. trail-blazer, Dr. Webb developed Corporate E.R.T., which takes this methodology into corporations across the U.S. to enhance work performance and improve teamwork among top executives.

Dr. Webb has also boldly developed methods for E.R.T. practitioners to work with clients on issues surrounding their belief in God, which was for many years considered "off-limits" in the E.R.T. world. These methods are bringing much-needed healing and release for clients around the world.

E.R.T. sessions with Dr. Webb are available for one-hour increments. Prior to your session you may wish to journal about what issues you'd like to address. A questionnaire is available on request that will help you with this process. Sessions with couples, families and even groups can be scheduled. E.R.T. sessions are also available by telephone for out-of-town clients.

Dr. Webb often gives clients an assignment at the end of a session. This may be to journal, write a letter, meditate, or to take homeopathics or nutritional supplements that will support and enhance the healing process.

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